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Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I grew up in Granada Hills, California during the 60's in an Ozzie and Harriet type family and can honestly say I had the best childhood. Until they brought my little brother home from the hospital. I was quite happy as the baby in the family and don't know why they had to change the two girl/one boy ratio to two each. But they did and eventually I adjusted. Okay, I'm still adjusting.

My Dad, who is this year going to be a lively 76 years old, has always been the comic in the family and I just love spending time with him. He's always got a joke and an innocent look no matter how guilty he may or may not be in a prank. (more of 'those' pranks later and I'm sure more guilt than innocence despite the facial expression)

Growing up when one of the four of us kids would ask, "What's for dinner?" my Dad would always answer "Fish heads and rice." I don't know why. I suppose I should ask. It was never, not even once, ever served at our dinner table. But the threat was there on any and every occassion and opportunity.

Welcome to my blog. I'll have fish heads with my rice please.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Krissy. I recall about ten years ago. Terry made fish heads and rice for Dad on his birthday when we were visiting. We wanted to get back at him for this life long joke, and guess what? He wouldn't eat them. Kind of like him telling me to eat other disgusting items, and if I did, it would grow hair on my chest. Note I am now 45 and still no hair!