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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fireplace Picture

I don't recall any professional family pictures being taken - only school pictures. There were tons of pictures taken, mostly by my mother and they were kept in a hope chest which was filled to the brim. The majority of the pictures were kept in the photo envelope with our name and address on the outside and a lot of the pictures had a small copy attached that you could tear off and give away (I guess). Or put in a wallet I suppose, but most of the small ones are still attached to the bigger ones.

One of the pictures that to this days remains one of my favorites is "The Fireplace Picture" of the four of us kids on the hearth of our brick fireplace. There are only a few "posed" pictures of the four of us together and this is one and its a doozy. We look pretty rag tag in what appears to be our best play clothes. Our hair looks like it hasn't been brushed and it is apparent we were rushed into posing for this picture out of whatever probable summer activity we were involved in, and we most likely ran right back to. Baby Guy is only wearing a diaper which indicates the time prepared in planning this photo op.
So after loving this picture for-ever, I finally asked Dad whose idea it was and why we hadn't been dressed for it. His response? "I thought you were dressed for church!" Like I thought I'd get a straight answer.
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