Pool in progress

Pool in progress


pool in progress

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Pool

I thought since I'd mentioned the pool previously that I should find a picture of it. I found one with Kissee posing quite nicely, but the pool is only partially visible. I think Dan took this picture from the roof. He was probably rigging the bucket in the tree that eventually fell on my head causing mom to take me to the emergency room. Another story.

I do recall many many good times in that pool. We were fortunate in that the pool was heated and we could swim year 'round. Not like it snowed in the San Fernando Valley, but hey it got chilly. I think. Anyway, I remember one day there was steam coming off of the water and mom let me go swimming all by myself while she watched from inside, which was somewhat unusual in itself. Normally we had to have some type of supervision outside, even if it was an older sibling, who if I remember correctly wouldn't have cared if we drowned or not. At least not until an adult found out.

In any case there I was swimming all by my lonesome with the fog laying on top of the water like something out of the Creature from the Black Lagoon when it started to rain. I went underwater and felt like I was on another planet. I could hear the rain and see it hitting the top of the water and I was nice and toasty and totally insulated from the outside world. Until I ran out of breath that is. At which point I had to come up and get pelted in the head. It was quite a remarkable experience. I loved that pool.

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Doris Sturm said...

Hello, I'm new to your blog and the photo looks as if it were taken some time ago when you lived in California? Your profile indicates you live in Colorado now, correct? I lived in California before moving here to Georgia and I still miss it, but I have visited Colorado and I like that climate there too.

I always enjoyed swimming in pools. I'm from Germany and learned to swim in a pool. We had a lot of indoor swim halls because the weather in Germany is not always suited for outdoor swimming. I think it's great exercise, but I never enjoyed swimming under water. It scared me and I still don't like it too much. Makes me claustrophobic and I get water in my ears that hurts for days, but I love doing the breast stroke or floating on my back. Did a lot of that in California. I miss having a pool.