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Pool in progress


pool in progress

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

76 years on this earth. For a rock that's not very long. According to my dad he hasn't entered old fart stage and I agree. I suppose if I could give him the ultimate gift it would be unlimited golf with unlimited mobility with definite limited aches and pains. And steady 70 degree weather with a slight breeze. Oh, and don't forget the golf cart and beer. No slow four-somes ahead either. Unless they're funny to watch.

I'd make my dad "navy" eggs with bacon, sausage and toast for breakfast. Gotta have some orange juice and coffee with two teaspoons of sugar. Or nowadays, the fake stuff that's better for you. For a snack we'd have kipper snacks on crackers.

I wasn't there when the picture above was taken, but I like it. It really captures my dad's personality. Active, happy being outdoors, just about always smiling about something. He already knows I love him and I know he's the best dad ever but I thought I'd go ahead and tell the rest of the world just so everyone could stop wondering. Give it up, I've got the best. Love you Dad!

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Doris Sturm said...

Oh, yeah! There is a happy man! I'd like to chime in and also wish your dad a very happy Birthday and many more! By the way, those were great gifts that you wished for him!

Enjoy your week ahead!